Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy weekend

We spent saturday building a footbath and drying pen for the sheep. Last year another sheep brung footrot onto the property and weve been struggling with it ever since. So now we will be able to tackle it full force and get rid of it once and for all.

On Sunday Kate and I fired Jess on the truck and went out the Rough Island. We had arranged to meet with a friend and her son and pony. They did some very nice work in the arena, then we went for a hack around the estuary and forestry. It was the first time Kate has done this off the lead rein, and they had an absolute ball. Jess didnt put a foot wrong and had her ears pricked the whole way around. They even did some leg yielding!
Not great pics as I only had my phone with me

Rugby season is nearly here again so we are busy shipping the boys to practices and games will be starting next week.

Kate and Jess have pony club this weekend. Jade is loving riding and really looking forward to her first show in June.

Thats about it from here - better run, the girls want to ride before Liam has Rugby!

Monday, April 13, 2009

We had a Very mixed weekend

On Thursday we had to make the hard decision to have Strika and Emma both PTS. They were both 13 1/2. Strika had Lymphoma, a terrible heart and was very sore and weak in the back end. Emma was sore in a front leg and had what the vet suspected was bladder cancer.

It was very hard to do, but we thought best that they went together. Strika took us all over the country with showing in his younger days and did very well. Emma was from our first litter, and did well in the ring as a baby puppy but didnt come on as we thought she would. But she was valuable to us in other ways.

On Thursday night Blake had his first rugby practice, he had a great time.

On Friday a friend and I took her 2 horses out to Rough Island and went for a ride. Was very different riding another horse (Boom is still not 100%) but great fun. The biggest horse I have ever ridden, but very very safe and is a dressage schoolmaster so I learnt lots.

Saturday night we had a mates engagement party which was fantastic, we had an absolute blast. Drunk and laughed heaps which was a great way to forget about the dogs for a few hours atleast.

On Sunday my Father and Stepmother came and stayed overnight, and the kids had a great time driving grandad around the paddocks in the buggy.

And I even did some gardening!

Jess has had the last week off, lunged her yesterday and she was full of the joys of spring. I clipped her off last week so shes feeling a wee bit frisky LOL.