Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a long weekend!

On Saturday morning I decided to try something different with Booms lameness problems and get front shoes put on him. Fortunatley my farrier came out that morning and did it for us. We couldnt believe the difference! We was immediatley 90% better - no head bobbing or shortness etc.
We were due to leave for the Marlborough Inhand Show that afternoon so I quickly bathed him and tidied him up as I hadnt touched him due to not thinking he was going.
We left here in the afternoon and had a bit of drama on the way over - the truck started thudding and shaking. I thought we had a blowout as thats what it sounded/felt like, but checked tyres and they were all fine. Could see horses standing ok on the camera so started going again and it happened again. So we ended up crawling to Blenhiem at 65kms an hour with me thinking there was something majorly wrong with the truck.
We got to the racecourse where we were staying and let the ramp down, and discovered the cover rack above the horses bums had given way and a heap of covers had fallen down, mostly on Blueys butt. The thudding must have been him scrambling, and because Iwas focusing on pulling over safely when it happened I didnt see him scrambling on the screen.
Anyway I got a mecahnic out to check the truck anyway, what a great guy - he was there within 5 minutes and tried to refuse payment!
Sunday was a great day. We loaded up early and moved out to where the show was being held.
Bluey was on in the morning and he won all of his classes, went Champion Youngstock Show Pony and won the NZPBS sash. The judge absolutley loved him and made lovely comments about him. I pulled him out after the main classes as the ground was very hard and rocky and I didnt want to risk his wee legs.
Boom and Jess were on in the afternoon, Boom went Champion SB and Jess and Kate won Reserve Champ Adult Purebred in the Welsh ring.
For Supreme, Bluey was placed 3rd and got a lovely big red and black sash. Boom unfortunatley stood on a rather large rock (my fault, I shouldve looked closer at the ground) during the trot out and went lame again so that was that.
I also picked up some photos taken of Kate and Jess at Flaxbourne a couple of weeks ago, their last show in Lead rein:

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